Inclusive Leadership

Classic management manuals are no longer enough; the world is changing and you with it. Or not? This programme will show you how to lead an inclusive team where everyone can excel, regardless of age, gender, nationality, or other differences. Whether your team looks like a clash of civilizations or shines in all the colors of the rainbow, as a manager, you can make the biggest difference in how people feel and what results they achieve. 

What is this workshop about?

In this workshop, we actively work with your company values ​​and together we formulate the standards of an inclusive work environment. We will show managers and executives how to initiate change, create equal opportunities and overcome cultural or social barriers.

Our goal is to develop an inclusive company culture in which each team member shines and which makes you an attractive employer.

What are the training goals?

To understand modern teams and their needs

To differentiate between diversity and inclusion

To adopt the principles of inclusive leadership

To inspire ourselves to make positive change

What will we explore in this workshop? 

Your company values ​​and their reflection in leadership

D&I market benchmark and the position of your brand

Aspects of emotional intelligence in leadership

Examples of inclusive leadership in practice

Who will guide you through the workshop?

Tereza Maisnerová

Founder & People Development Partner 

Is it for you?

Intended for leaders, managers, HRists and other ambassadors of corporate culture who care about how their teams function internally and externally. To all teams who want to move from diversity to inclusion.

We can conduct the workshop intensively over 1-2 days. Alternatively, in a case of a more long-term collaboration, we can organize a greater number of shorter, intensive meetings over a few months.