"We are partners on your development journey. We explore your specific needs and create unique learnings solutions for you and your team. Our goal is to inspire you to develop modern skills that empower people and grow business."

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We've been in the business of development for over a decade. Don't let the color of our website fool you. We're far from being rookies in the field.



We've crossed paths with participants from 48 different nationalities during our training and coaching sessions. That's diversity and inclusion in action for us.



We've racked up over 500 different training sessions and educational programs in total.

1 000


We've trained over 1,000 participants in total. And we're looking forward to more.

3 500


Yes, that's right, we do a lot of writing and drawing. Because visualization fuels our imagination, and a bit of colorfulness is simply necessary in life. 

Managing Director
Czech Republic

"Prostě pecka, připadám si vždycky jak rozložené a znovu lépe poskládané puzzle. Zároveň vidím, kolik náš čeká práce, ale teď je konečně jasné, jaké konkrétní práce. Každé školení má hlavu, patu a úžasný náboj!"

HR & Talent Director
Continental Europe

"Tereza is one of the highest quality professionals I worked with. She is an incredible trainer who possesses a lot of facilitation tools and skills and is able to connect very quickly with people and transfer them knowledge. Tereza has a lot of drive, is solution-oriented and pragmatic, is very demanding with herself and her work and delivers consequently high-quality work. I can only recommend Tereza as a trainer, a coach and a great professional to work with in all cases."

Sales Consultant
Czech Republic

"Excellent three days. The group was extremely participative and the trainer extremely available, offering relevant information. I'm very pleased with the result."

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