Intercultural Competence

Do you work in an international environment and sometimes feel unsure of how to navigate it?

 Truly diverse teams, where different cultures, ethnicities, and languages converge, are rightly considered to hold the greatest business potential today. Their ability to innovate, solve problems, and drive business growth is undeniable. 

Join us and learn how to effectively harness this potential. 

What is this training about?

The aim of this training is to equip participants with the cultural knowledge and practical skills needed to successfully navigate challenges in international environments.

Throughout the course, we focus on creating cultural awareness and teaching participants to interpret diverse cultural behaviors through observation and active listening. We address biases and prejudices inherent in our own cultural perspectives, emphasizing everyday practices that minimize their impact. Participants also develop intercultural communication skills essential for successful business negotiations. Tailored sessions may concentrate on specific cultural or social groups whose behaviors and communication styles are particularly relevant.

What will you learn?

To understand one's own cultural behavior and the cultural behavior of others

To get a better idea of ​​different cultural systems and values

Become aware of own prejudices and stereotypes and train cultural empathy

To apply and practice daily professional intercultural skills

What will we explore in this training?

The training is divided into 4 related thematic blocks, which methodically help with the right mindset, uncovering cultural patterns and learning about intercultural competences. The content and methodology are tailored to the participants and specific needs, including case studies from business or focusing on specific cultural groups that are relevant for the given team.

Cultural awareness: own values, culture and mindset

Cultural knowledge: cultural systems, typology and knowledge of foreign cultures

Cultural sensitivity: cultural empathy, prejudices and barriers

Intercultural competence: successful intercultural communication and cooperation

Who will guide you through this training?

Tereza Maisnerová

Founder & People Development Partner

For maximum effectiveness, we always aim to have two trainers with diverse cultural backgrounds and language skills working with participants during the training. Depending on the specific needs and expectations of the client, we can also engage a lecturer with a particular cultural orientation and relevant experience. 

Is this for you?

For anyone who wants to learn to communicate effectively and build relationships with people from different cultural backgrounds. Especially beneficial for international companies that want to support the effective collaboration of teams operating in different countries or for companies entering a foreign market.

Individual blocks of training are always adapted to the specific needs of the participants. Most often, the length of the block ranges from 0.5 days - 1 day. The total length of the program ranges from 2-4 days.