Multigenerational Leadership

Generational differences are a big deal these days. Each of the five generations you typically find at work comes with its own attitudes, values, and preferences, which can really challenge managers and entire organizations.

That's why today's leaders are ditching the cookie-cutter approaches to leadership and development. They're learning to navigate this generational mix-up with our help.

What will this training help you to understand? 

The own generational programming and its effects

The priorities, expectations and motivators of your team

Generational prejudices and how they affect us

The effects of generational differences in work practice

Who will guide you through the training?

David Dvořák

Is this for you?

Intended primarily for leaders and managers of multigenerational teams. It also inspires HRists and other corporate culture ambassadors who care about how their teams work internally and externally.

We most often implement the workshop in the length of 1 training day (7 hours) and it can also be divided into shorter (half-day) training blocks.