Career and Life Coaching

Whether it is a major career decision or questions of everyday working life, coaching is one of the most effective tools for personal development. In the framework of individual meetings, we will use coaching methods to help you learn new skills, gain new competences or work on your own behavior patterns, habits and new mindset.


Coaching is a powerful tool for personal development centered around asking the right questions. In a session, the coach helps you reflect and become more aware of your experiences, possibilities, values, and priorities.

The coach doesn't impose their advice or experiences but acts as an unbiased guide for you. This approach empowers you to discover your own answers to pressing questions and navigate life's challenges.

In coaching, we pose the questions, and you uncover the answers. 


Mentoring involves sharing experience, knowledge, professional advice, and inspiration.

It typically extends over the long term, often following our individualized work with existing clients, such as post-training sessions.

As a result, our mentoring sessions frequently engage HR professionals, managers, and organizational leaders.

In mentoring, you ask the questions, and we provide the answers.

What is our coaching approach based on? 

We do not follow the textbook, to choose the most suitable approach we are always inspired by a specific client, his goal and the mutual dynamics of joint meetings. However, the following tools are closest to us:

Systematic coaching approach

Principles of Gestalt therapy

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

Positive psychology


Mentoring tools

How does individual coaching work?

Individual coaching sessions are conducted through one-on-one meetings (60 min.), which can be held in person, virtually, or as a combination of both. Meetings typically occur every 14 days or once per month.

However, the specific schedule of cooperation is always tailored to meet the client's preferences and needs, based on the coach's recommendation.

How can coaching be enriched?

Behavioural Diagnostics

360° Feedback

Our in-house coaches

We recommend carefully selecting coaches based on their professional focus, coaching approach, and personal compatibility. An ideal opportunity to connect is through an initial consultation, which is always complimentary. You can learn more about how these introductory meetings with coaches are conducted below.

Tereza Maisnerová

Tereza coaches teams and individuals, mainly focusing on managers and entrepreneurs

Bára Kempeová

Individual coaching focused primarily on life coaching and life balance

David Dvořák

Professional and group coaching focused on engagement and team collaboration

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